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Update time : 2021-09-02 22:53:29
Shenzhen Ferris Trading Co., Ltd. provides:

1. High Visibility Safety Reflective Clothing
2. Ink injection / Screen print t shirts.
2. Industrial Safety Hand Gloves
3. Safety Goggles/Glasses
4. Safety Helmet
5. Masks
6. PPE
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Glove Factory Introduction Glove Factory Introduction
Sep .08.2021
Shenzhen Ferris Trading Co.,Ltd. is established in the year of 2015, whose glove-making partner has the most advanced production line in China.
Company Advantage Company Advantage
Sep .02.2021
1. We are a shipping agent ourselves, so we are confident with our combined price, FOB + Delivery Cost.
2. We can ship our products and other supplier's products together, make delivery cost cheaper.
3. We can be your Chinese buyer agent and we only charge 3% - 5% operational fee totally.
Factory Introduction Factory Introduction
Aug .16.2021
Our cooperation factory is a leading manufacturer of high visibility clothing company, specializing in safety garments productions for more than 20 years.
Ferris Trading Introduction Ferris Trading Introduction
Aug .03.2021
Shenzhen Ferris Trading Co., Ltd. is established in 2015. We start from personal buying agent to
company suppliers. With the hardwork of our staff, we are now becoming a experienced buying agent
for our esteemed customers.